Investment Plan
  • Since last many years, Franchise India International has created a platform where it organizes various person-to-person contact programmes to understand deep rooted cultural values of different countries and gives them an exposure for better cultural development.
  • Franchise India International, a New Delhi based company engaged in global activities, especially works to bring the people of India and European countries more closure to each other by exchanging Cultural, Social, Business & Sports delegations.
  • Franchise India Int A New Delhi based company engaged in global activities,especially work to bring the people of India and European countries more close to exchange by each other Cultural exchange,social,Business & sports delegation.
  • Exchange rich culture & heritage of India in Europe, especially the Netherlands. It’s also great to mention that local cultural artiste will also be exchanging Dutch national & folk art & culture with the members of the delegation.
  • It’s also great to mention that local cultural artiste will also be exchanging Dutch national & folk art & culture with the members of the delegation.
  • A Leading Megamart specialising in Kids,Men’s & Women’s wear available for franchisee – A highly profitable venture.
  • A Leading Megamart specialising in Kids,Men’s & Women’s wear available for franchisee – A highly profitable venture.
  • Convert your land into a profitable business –Tie ups with India’s Leading Hotel Chain.
  • India’s leading customized Designed shoe brand up for a franchisee for select few..great opportunity
  • Franchise Opportunity of one of the World's Largest Retail Chain of Personalized Gifts with a Store count of 165+
  • Have a franchisee of well known Designer Shoe Brand- Handcrafted Minimum Investment rs 40-50 lacs
  • Get a Feasibility Study of your location & take the best opportunity available. {Minimum charges applicable according to location.}
  • Hotel Tie ups with Leading Hospitality brands in India/abroad .Investment Range Starts from Rs 10cr+
  • Sri Niwas Diamond joined hands with Franchise India International for their huge expansion programme with the aim to reach out even to small town of India
  • Sriniwas Diamond is strongly committed to meet consumer's demand and satisfaction.
  • Sri Niwas Diamond target to appoint 50 showrooms by the end of this year
  • Sriniwas Diamond is planning to expand business through Franchise route.
  • Franchise India International Brands a leading Brokerage company originally came into existence in the year 1999
  • Get more leads by uploading your Brands,Products,Property & Business Photos & Logo FREE OF COST
  • Feel Free to call our customer support executive -09350505575 or mail to
  • Create lasting relationships with our Investors & business partners by ensuring alignment of objectives and business practices.
  • Are you looking to setup an Industry Please contact us.
  • Inviting International Brands to India for Master Franchise Tie-ups as well Individual Unit Basis
  • Franchise India International has a clear vision to be the most reliable company admired for excellence in franchising service.
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