Investment Plan
  • A Leading Megamart specialising in Kids,Men’s & Women’s wear available for franchisee – A highly profitable venture.
  • A Leading Megamart specialising in Kids,Men’s & Women’s wear available for franchisee – A highly profitable venture.
  • Convert your land into a profitable business –Tie ups with India’s Leading Hotel Chain.
  • India’s leading customized Designed shoe brand up for a franchisee for select few..great opportunity
  • Franchise Opportunity of one of the World's Largest Retail Chain of Personalized Gifts with a Store count of 165+
  • Have a franchisee of well known Designer Shoe Brand- Handcrafted Minimum Investment rs 40-50 lacs
  • Get a Feasibility Study of your location & take the best opportunity available. {Minimum charges applicable according to location.}
  • Hotel Tie ups with Leading Hospitality brands in India/abroad .Investment Range Starts from Rs 10cr+
  • Sri Niwas Diamond joined hands with Franchise India International for their huge expansion programme with the aim to reach out even to small town of India
  • Sriniwas Diamond is strongly committed to meet consumer's demand and satisfaction.
  • Sri Niwas Diamond target to appoint 50 showrooms by the end of this year
  • Sriniwas Diamond is planning to expand business through Franchise route.
  • Franchise India International Brands a leading Brokerage company originally came into existence in the year 1999
  • Best K12 School for Delhi/Ncr and other cities available with us.
  • Get more leads by uploading your Brands,Products,Property & Business Photos & Logo FREE OF COST
  • Feel Free to call our customer support executive -09350505575 or mail to
  • Create lasting relationships with our Investors & business partners by ensuring alignment of objectives and business practices.
  • Are you looking to setup an Industry Please contact us.
  • Inviting International Brands to India for Master Franchise Tie-ups as well Individual Unit Basis
  • Franchise India International has a clear vision to be the most reliable company admired for excellence in franchising service.

Legal & Value Added Services:

Realizing the need, we extended our services by assisting our clients in all services related to visa processing, Attestation / Apostille / Legalization of documents by different Departments of the Government as well as foreign Diplomatic Missions under one roof. We provide ‘documents verification’ services to Corporate Houses, Banks and other entities. We facilitate organizations to get the personal documents (educational degrees/diplomas, birth certificates, experience certificates, character certificates etc) of their employees discreetly verified/authenticated by the respective issuing authorities in India.

We are expert in global outsourcing and providing technology services for Diplomatic Missions and Government organizations worldwide. we also assist in preparing both on-line & off-line, various types of visa applications for submission to all foreign Embassies/High Commissions/Consulates in India.

We Assist in:

We and our Team of Lawyers are specialized in

Trademark Registration Consultant -   (lawyers for trademark , Trademark Registration Office-),

Patent Consultants -  Lawyers for patents- yes

Copyright Consultants --  Lawyers for copyrights –yes copyright registration services.

Copyright Protection Services

Company Registration Consultants -  lawyers for registration -

trademark attorney consultant  - trademark attorney services- 

Company Formation Consultants

Patent registration services -No (patent agent, Patent Specification Service, Patent Drafting Services.

Business Consultants - Legal Consultants

GST Registration Consultants  -

Import Export License –

Digital Signature Consultants -

FSSAI Registration Consultants-  

Import Export License Consultants- 

Fssai Registration.-

Company Incorporation Consultants-

Apeda Registration Licence consultant.-

International Trademark Registration Consultants-

Lawyers for High Court, Supreme Court & other District Court.

Shop Establishment Consultants. -

Food Safety Consultants,

Business Start-up Consultants,

Attestation-Attestation Service Consultants ,Apostille Certification Services

Attestation Services for Abroad Certificate -

Attestation Services for Education Certificate -

All language translation.-- Language Translation Services

Embassy attestation  - Embassy Attestation Services

Document Legalisation Services ,

Lawyers for Child Adoption, - 

MSME Registration Consultants, -

Lawyers for Legal Advisor, - 

Lawyers for Compensation,-

Marriage registration.- Marriage Registration Consultants

Lawyers for Public Interest Litigation,-Lawyers for Public Interest Litigation,

Legal Consultants, Shop Act Registration, - 

Legal Compliance Consultants, - 

Patent Registration Services, - 

Fssai Registration Consultants, -

Proprietorship Firm  -

Proprietorship Firm Registration Services -

Partnership Firm Registration Services - Formation Partnership, Lawyers For Partnership Dispute,

Lawyers For Drafting Partnership Deed,Lawyers For Drafting Agreement Deed.

Logo Registration Services,

LLP Registration Consultants - 

Law Consultants.



What is the Difference Between Copyright, Patent and Trademark?

Copyright, patent, and trademark are all different types of intellectual  property (IP). Although the three types of IP are very different, people often confuse them.

A brief description of copyright, patents, and trademarks, including a brief discussion of how these forms of IP differ from copyright, is provided below.

What’s Copyright?

A copyright is a collection of rights automatically vested to you once you have created an original work. To understand how these rights can be used or licensed, it is helpful to analogize them to a bundle of sticks, where each stick represents a separate right vested to you as the owner. These rights include the right to reproduce the work, to prepare derivative works, to distribute copies, to perform the work publicly, and to display the work publicly.
As the copyright owner, you have the authority to keep each “stick,” to transfer them individually to one or more people, or to transfer them collectively to one or more people. This can be accomplished through licensing, assigning, and other forms of transfers. The power of copyright allows you to choose the way your work is made available to the public.

What’s Patent?

The primary goal of the patent law is to encourage innovation and commercialization of technological advances. Patent law incentivizes inventors to publicly disclose their inventions in exchange for certain exclusive rights. A patent protects inventions. These inventions can include new and useful processes, machines, manufactures, compositions of matter as well as improvements to these. Certain computer programs may fall within the subject matter protected by both patents and copyrights. In this respect the patent system compliments copyright protection by providing protection for functional aspects of the software, which are not protected by copyright. Unlike with copyright protection, to get patent protection one must first apply for and be granted a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Unlike the copyright registration process, the patent application process is expensive, complex, difficult, and time consuming and generally should not be attempted without the assistance of an experienced patent attorney or agent.

What’s Trademark?

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. A service mark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of a service rather than goods. Examples include brand names, slogans, and logos. (The term “trademark” is often used in a general sense to refer to both trademarks and service marks.) Similar to copyright, a person does not need not register a trademark or service mark to receive protection rights, but there are certain legal benefits to registering the mark with the USPTO. There is rarely an overlap between trademark and copyright law but it can happen — for instance, when a graphic illustration is used as a logo the design may be protected both under copyright and trademark.










What’s Protected?

Original works of authorship, such as books, articles, songs, photographs, sculptures, choreography, sound recordings, motion pictures, and other works

Inventions, such as processes, machines, manufactures, compositions of matter as well as improvements to these

Any word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others





Requirements to be Protected

A work must be original, creative and fixed in a tangible medium

An invention must be new, useful and nonobvious

A mark must be distinctive (i.e., that is, it must be capable of identifying the source of a particular good)





Term of Protection

Author’s life plus 70 more years.

20 years

For as long as the mark is used in commerce





Rights Granted

Right to control the reproduction, making of derivative works, distribution and public performance and display of the copyrighted works

Right to prevent others from making, selling using or importing the patented invention

Right to use the mark and to prevent others from using similar marks in a way that would cause a likelihood-of-confusion about the origin of the goods or services.